Green Part Revolution

End Of life Vehicle

What is a green part?

These are quality used parts taken from end-of-life vehicles. They are original manufactured OEM parts that are in good condition which can be re-used in another vehicle.

These can be anything from:

Engines, Gearboxes, Suspensions, subframes.
Starters, Alternators, Air conditioning pumps
Doors, Tailgates, wings,
seats, wheels and electrical switches

Anything that you can take from a doner end-of-life car can be re-used to fix another vehicle if needed.

These are all fully tested and come with warranty.

Green Parts

Where would you locate green parts.

ATF`s , which are fully Authorised Vehicle Recyclers and have to conform to a government standard for the treatment of end of life cars. So you are fully in the knowledge that you know that the company is adhering to the proper processes in recycling and environmental procedures.



As the big issues for the day, at the moment is climate change and the cost of living.

What is a better way to help the planet, then been able to re-use an item again which is still fit for purpose and not just throwing it away. A green part(reclaimed) saves a huge amount of energy and materials that go into making a new part. This can help the worlds climate footprint and your pocket with Reclaimed green parts been typically less than half price than a genuine OEM part. This has got to be a win win.